Charleston Women's Medical Center
* Member of NAF (National Abortion Federation) *
(Only member of NAF in South Carolina.)

Limited financial assistance is available to patients who qualify. You can apply for this funding confidentially through us when making your appointment. Patients must have a scheduled appointment before approval for funding can be obtained. Please contact center for more details.

Procedure Fees

Full payment for all services is due on the day of the procedure and is payable by Discover, Mastercard, VISA, or cash. No personal checks. Photo ID required for all types of payment except cash. Photo IDs must not be expired. We do not accept American Express. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Surgical Abortions

• 7 weeks up to 12 weeks w/ oral medications
• 7 weeks up to 12 weeks w/ IV sedation
• 12 weeks up to 14 weeks
* Pregnancy age verified by ultrasound and doctor's exam

Medical Abortions

• Less than 70 days as dated by ultrasound and doctor's exam

* Private abortion appointments available. Please call for specific dates, times, and fees.

Procedure Discount

• $25 Discount available for current students with ID, Medicaid, or Military ID
  (IDs must have current date or bring class schedule to show currently enrolled for students)

• OR $25 Discount also available for patients traveling more than 50 miles
  from home

• OR Click Here for an Exclusive Online Coupon ($25 Discount)
  (You may need to enable popups for our site for the above link to work)

• Only one discount per patient.

Rhogam injection
* Those patients with no proof of blood type will be required to have their blood tested at an additional fee of $50. If RH negative, they will be required to have Rhogam injection.

• Verifiable pregnancy age up to 12 weeks
No additional charge
• 12 weeks up to 16 weeks
No additional charge

Other Services

• Self Test for Rh typing
• Pregnancy test
• Ultrasound
• New Patient Annual and PAP
• Established Patient Annual and PAP

* for additional services, request price when making appointment.