Charleston Women's Medical Center
* Member of NAF (National Abortion Federation) *
(Only member of NAF in South Carolina.)

Limited financial assistance is available to patients who qualify. You can apply for this funding confidentially through us when making your appointment. Patients must have a scheduled appointment before approval for funding can be obtained. Please contact center for more details.

Required State Reading

Below is the required reading by the state of South Carolina for all those seeking abortion services. You must verify that you have access to these documents for at least 24 hours prior to any abortion services. In order to do this, please follow the directions below to download / view these documents and then click the "Click for Verification Form" button below to view the Verification Form. You will then need to use your browser's print button to print the form and sign it before bringing it to your appointment. The form must be signed and dated 24 hours before your appointment time. Do no date the form for the day of your appointment.

*Important* Do not copy/paste or alter form in any way. Bring printed form with you for appointment. You cannot be seen without this form.

Right-click "download pdf" then choose "Save target as..." and save the PDF file to your computer for viewing. If you cannot view PDF files, please click the Get Adobe Reader image and follow the given instructions...

Directory of Services for Women, Children & Families - download pdf

Embryonic & Fetal Development - download pdf