Charleston Women's Medical Center
* Member of NAF (National Abortion Federation) *
(Only member of NAF in South Carolina.)

Limited financial assistance is available to patients who qualify. You can apply for this funding through us or directly or by contacting the NAF Hotline at (800)772-9100. It may be difficult to get through because it is a national hotline, but please be patient and diligent about calling. Please contact center for more details. You can apply for this funding through us or directly through NAF at (800)772-9100. NAF receives many calls every day. Please be patient, their number stays busy. Patients must have a scheduled appointment before approval for funding can be obtained. Please contact center for more details.

Patient Education

Other Services: Surgical Abortion | Medical Abortion

Our office is staffed by licensed and experienced personnel. When visiting our center for abortion services, the patient will be seen by an experienced counselor, who will discuss the abortion procedure, alternatives to abortion, birth control and follow-up care. All of our patient education services are strictly confidential.

Routine Gynecology Services

Charleston Women's Medical Center focuses on female health care. This includes, but is not limited to, annual exams, pap testing, STD testing, as well as birth control options such as pills, IUD, and depo injection.